Cycloturism in Eraclea Mare


Not into total relaxation and can’t see yourself sunbathing all day? Well Eraclea Mare could be the ideal place for you!

Yes there’s the fantastic beach, shops and plenty of bars but Eraclea Mare has managed to bring these together in harmony with the lush and spacious green space...There are over 3000 maritime pines, cycle paths and routes connecting to other resorts in the lagoon.


The right choice for sport and nature lovers.

Eraclea Mare, thanks to the location and the characteristics the territory, allows you to visit all the surrounding places by bike or on foot; Almost all the cycling trails of Caorle or Cavallino and Jesolo are connected to the magnificent pineta of Eraclea Mare.

During a cooler day or early morning, you can venture into one of the most popular routes that will allow you to explore not only the lagoon, but also the unspoilt and magnificent landscapes around the mouths of the Piave and Sile rivers.

However, it is important to remember the rich biodiversity of the place, which is of interest to both those who love animals and birds in particular, but also those who love plants and vegetation.

Where can I visit along the bike paths of Eraclea Mare?

Many of the itineraries go along the lagoon starting from Caorle to Jesolo, but also those leaving from the inland and cities like San Donà di Piave, they all have the privilege of arriving in Eraclea Mare and its only lagoon.

  • Eraclea - Cortellazzo -Lido di Jesolo: Cycle track linking Eraclea to Cortellazzo through a little winding trail on the traces of the ancient lagoon channels connecting Fornera to Cortellazzo. At the end of the route you will reach the Jesolo shores and the ancient mouth of the river Piave, which is now a natural oasis of the Laguna del Mort.
  • Eraclea Mare - Brian - Caorle: From Eraclea Mare you proceed to the pineta until you reach the Revedoli canal, which goes first on the dirt road and then on the paved road until you arrive at Brian. Afterwards, you will head towards Ca 'Corniani, which leads directly to the scales bridge and then to Caorle. Towards the pineta, you can also admire the numerous casoni, very famous to the area; these are the traditional fishermen’s houses.


A journey to discover the ecosystem of the lagoon

Uno dei vantaggi di partire per un itinerario alla scoperta della laguna veneziana è soprattutto quello di poter apprezzare le caratteristiche di questo ecosistema unico e vario: la laguna di Venezia ha circa 6000 anni ed è un ambiente ricchissimo di flora e fauna, soprattutto uccelli, pesci e rettili.

One of the advantages of starting an itinerary to discover the Venetian lagoon is to be able to appreciate the characteristics of this unique and varied ecosystem: the lagoon of Venice is about 6000 years old and is a rich environment of flora and fauna, especially birds, fish and reptiles. It can also be an interesting place for fishing lovers, legal in many areas of the lagoon, where eels are also present.

How can we help you with your bicycle tours?

Our agency offers you a holiday full of comfort whilst giving you peace of mind, but at the same time we want to be sure to help you in every activity you choose to do.

For those who love nature, remember our selection of bungalows and apartments immersed in the pineta near the sea and the possibility of renting bicycles at a couple of shops in Eraclea Mare where you can find equipment for adults and children.


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